Somicon Middle East offers the following lab and field services:

Chemical Analysis
We offer physical and chemical analysis of all water samples with recommendations to optimize the process.


Membrane Autopsy
We offer test and autopsy of fouled or damaged membranes with detailed reports of their conditions, including scale or foulants.

Precipitation Test
We offer lab tests for optimizing waste-water chemical treatment. Sustainable dosing protocols are developed as per individual customer needs.

R & D
We offer development of non-standard products to meet specific customer requirements.

Plant Inspection
We offer field troubleshooting and inspection, with comprehensive problem analysis, of all kinds of desalination and water treatment plants.


Projection Program
We offer user-friendly comprehensive software to predict scale formation, anti-scalant dose and cleaning strategies. By entering required operation parameters the program calculates all necessary steps to have optimum smooth operation. In case of critical designs suitable warnings are given to modify parameters into safe operation. The program is based on intensive field and lab studies and is very near to reality.

Cleaning Tests & Protocols
We offer lab cleaning tests for scale and foulants. We develop cleaning protocols as per individual customer needs.

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