Our Solutions are offered in these desalination and process-engineering areas.

The following segments have been served:

 Sea and Brackish Water Desalination
• Optimization of chemical pretreatment and of other consumables in desalination plant.
• Special (tailor made)cleaning strategies for large thermal desalination plants.
• Enhancement of product recovery of RO desalination plants.
• Scale and bio-fouling control and cleaning procedures for large RO.
• Control of bacteriological and algae growth in the seawater RO.
• Optimization of energy recovery systems and energy consumption in RO.

Metal Treatment Industries
• Wastewater from metal surface washing operations.
• Treatment of wastewater from workshops (grease, oils, metal, colors from dye etc.)

Chemical Industry
• Desalting and concentration of chemical products.
• Wastewater treatment & reuse.
• De-ionization, de-germination and purification of process water and raw water.

Pharmaceutical Industry
• Production of cGMP conforming ultra-pure water (e.g. WFI)
• Treatment of waste water and water recovery

• Formulation of liquid, sterile and semi solids pharmaceutical products

• Concentration of plant extracts

• Refining and concentration of heat sensitive products

• Basic engineering, layout, zone concept and HVAC according to cGMP standards

• Conceptional design of manufacturing lines and complete turnkey projects incl. project   supervision for sterile and aseptic products.

 Food and Beverage Industry
• Production of process water.
• Optimization of bottle cleaning systems.
• Concentration and clarification of juices.
• De-coloration of juices.
• Wastewater treatment and recovery of water for factory use.
• De-germination of fluids.

Textile Industry
Purified water for textile dyes.
Wastewater containing dyes treatment and reuse.
Wastewater treatment and recovery of brine.

 Wood, Cellulose and Paper Industry
• Recovery of alkali from natural fiber production.
• Alkaline waste water treatment.

Petrochemical Industry
• Wastewater treatment incl. oil emulsion breaking and elimination for reuse.

Garages, Car Wash
• Wastewater treatment and water recovery

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